An Open Letter to my Parents as a Graduating Gull

Dear Mom and Dad:


Thank you for allowing me to make the choice to spend the best four years of my life at Endicott College. I remember calling you devastated two weeks into college saying that I wanted to come home to my own shower and bed, and you calmed me down and said give it time everything will work out. Thanks to you I have made friends that will last a lifetime, I have grown into a strong independent woman, and know that I have a bright future.  I want to thank you for standing by me while I struggled with Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks through my college career, pushing me to get past me struggles and for teaching me to persevere through hardships. Thanks to you, I have won so many battles and know I am prepared to conquer more in the future. Thank you for showing me compassion and instilling me that everyone needs it, and you should give it even when you do not believe that they deserve it.  

When I was meeting new friends and learning life lessons thank you for always having an open mind and allowing me to celebrate my accomplishments but also having a crying shoulder for me to lean on when I found myself doubting choices I have made. Thank you for showing me that there is strength in failure, and that everyone fails sometimes. Importantly, thank you for teaching me the value of work ethic, and if you apply yourself you are able to accomplish just about anything.  Because of the two of you I have learned that you need to laugh at yourself, and never to take yourself too seriously. Thank you for the pep talks and constant encouragement as I changed my major three times, yes three. As graduation is quickly approaching, I am overcome with a multitude of emotions, the strongest one of all is gratitude. Thanks to the both of you, for your constant love and support, because of you I get to follow my dreams, and that is all I could ask for in this lifetime.



Emily Grace