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Alright, so… picture this. It’s the first Thursday morning of February. I wake up before my alarm clock, precisely at 6:05 AM, mind you, the earliest alarm I set is for 7:30 AM. If you’re wondering why I woke up this early on my own, it’s because I am simply a grandma and I go to sleep at 9/9:30 PM most nights in order to get 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Crazy… I know. 

Also, to provide a little context, I am also going social-media free for the month of February- I wanted to try and liberate myself of all the downtime I waste on TikTok or Instagram. So far, the cleanse is going really well. I don’t really miss social media, so instead of going on the usual apps I spend my mornings on, I get REALLY excited to check my emails. 

There’s something just so enjoying about getting a daily update about the world in a catchy yet easy-to-understand email. My favorite provider is The Skimm, which covers everything from stocks and economics to politics, to popular culture and random fun things- absolutely love!! 

Anyways. 6:05 AM, curled up in bed, scrolling through the Skimm. I read the words “win $75,000!!” Um, okay, sure why not?! So I clicked the Chobani Link and it brought me to a new page where it asked me to create a coffee flavor and describe it. To be completely honest with you, I was not completely awake… but I started typing furiously. 

The “unique” flavor I decided to go with is called ‘Tis The Season Hot Cocoa with a Twist of Candy Cane Lane! And in my flavor, there are marshmallows, peppermint, dairy-free vanilla creamer, and almond milk (so lactose-intolerant people can enjoy! AKA me). So far this is a bomb combination that I don’t think many people would suggest. Fun catchy name? Check. Yummy ingredients? Check. Strong explanation? Um… yeah no. My sentences made no sense and my explanation was just complete gibberish, oops. When I read my friends and roommate my explanation for my flavor they all laughed, that’s how bad my writing was. Hopefully, Chobani readers understand what I was saying in my pitch. That would be pretty cool to win. The public will be voting for their favorite flavor and I really really really hope everyone votes for  ‘Tis The Season Hot Cocoa with a Twist of Candy Cane Lane! 


Best, Seal <3

Selia Potas

Endicott '23

Hi friends! My name is Seal, I'm currently the President of Her Campus, and I'm so excited you're here!! I'm a junior art education major with a concentration in secondary education and a minor in creative arts therapy at Endicott College in Beverly, MA!
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