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Endicott Alum, Where Are They Now? Garett Seney

Name: Garett Seney

Year you graduated: 2010

Were you involved in clubs/orgs while at Endicott? 

Varsity Golf, intramurals, accepted students – open house day volunteer tour guide

What was your favorite/best internship?

Semester long internship with Northeastern

Where do you work now?

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

How did you find your current job?


What was the process you went through to land your job?

Multiple Interviews

What is one tip you would give to college students going into their first interview?

Think of every question you would ask yourself if you were running the interview – then type out your answers – when you start to ramble during the actual interview thinking of these responses will help you get back on track and talking about your best qualities

If you could tell your college self one thing, what would it be?

Every day is an opportunity to grow and better yourself – the days you waste are days someone else is learning, improving, and growing – challenge yourself, you’ll be glad you did

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