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Change Your Narrative

Everyone has a record of things they play in their head and we can often get stuck on certain tracks. I know that I often play the “I am not good enough” track for myself. The more we think about negative things the more we attract them to ourselves. Take a step back and observe yourself as if you were a character in a movie or novel what would you want that character to do next. It’s extremely rare that a character sits and stews on negative thoughts because before we know it, they often have a new game plan to fix the situation.


For about two years now I have felt in a negative slump and everytime something bad would happen to me I would always say “Nothing in my life ever goes right, this always happens to me” and essentially by doing this I was causing it to always happen to me. At any point in our lives we have the freedom and the chance to change our story. We are all the author’s of our own book and we need to start realizing that. This is often a hard thing for woman in a world still dominated by men. Difficult situations and people come into our lives to teach us something new.  After we have an encounter with one, we need to be strong and change the tape in our head.


In order to accomplish this we need to actively be thinking at most points in our day to day moments until the positive tapes become as natural as the negative ones. Sharing my personal struggle with this situation is in hope that someone will see this and feel the same way and realize you are not the only one out there feeling this way.


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