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Break Away From The Winter Blues

The winter blues, also known as a seasonal affective disorder, is when people who usually have normal mental health throughout the year experience depressive symptoms. This can include sleeping too much, low energy, appetite problems, withdrawing from social activities, and heightened anxiety. There can also be more serious symptoms such as suicidal thoughts. Typically, January is the month where most people experience the winter blues. This can be caused by many factors ranging from a lack of sunlight, to just taking in the end of the year and replaying every emotion you felt in the last 365 days. But I’m here to come up with some ways to avoid these terrible feelings from taking over your beautiful, happy self this winter.


Get Physical

Keeping your heart rate up and going to the gym or even a walk can lift your energy and mood. You can try swimming, yoga, or Zumba if being in a traditional gym setting isn’t your thing. The winter blues can make you feel like sitting in your bed, eating popcorn, and watching Netflix all day. Which don’t get me wrong sounds great, but will actually just end up making you feel worse so get off your lazy bum and hit the gym for a bit, then you can watch some Netflix!

Soak In Some Vitamin D

You might have to get a little creative with this one but natural light helps boost your mood and energy as well. Try to sit in front of windows at work or at home whenever possible, and going on walks outside even though you might dread the frosty air, it should help you to feel better. If this just doesn’t sound appealing to you, get some orange juice to drink along side your breakfast each morning and that might just do the trick.


Keep Busy With Loved Ones

Even though you feel completely antisocial and your bed is your new best friend, try to reach out to your family and your squad to make some plans. Invite them over if you really don’t want to step outside into the dreaded winter air, or embrace the cold month and go ice-skating or skiing. Getting food is always one of my favorite go to plans as well, so do what you like and try to bring back excitement in your life!


Have More Sex

Now I know it’s the winter and you might not want to be shaving your legs because you’re probably living in leggings and sweatpants but don’t put yourself in a dry spell. Sex can boost your overall health, self esteem, and let’s be honest, happiness. It is also known for reducing anxiety, easing stress, improving sleep, and hey it counts as exercise!


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