Zach '14

Hometown: Rye Brook, NY    

Major: Finance

Extracurriculars: WMRE, GIBA, bass guitar

Fraternity: Formerly Phi Delta Theta


Her Campus Emory (HCE): We hear your birthday is coming up! Are you planning anything special for it?

Zach (Z): My birthday is this Saturday, April 26. I'm done with everything for school by Thursday so I'm planning on spending the weekend celebrating. So far I've got my girlfriend’s formal on Thursday, and a steak dinner with my friends later that weekend planned.

HCE: How does it feel to be dating the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Emory?

Z: First of all, congrats to Allison since as of last week she is no longer just Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Emory, but a full time employee of Her Campus nationally as an account executive.

Honestly, I just feel pretty good that I've managed to keep her around this long despite her spending all of her time reading Her Campus articles like "35 Signs he's not Boyfriend Material," "5 Signs You're in an Unhealthy Relationship" or "The 7 Best Reasons to be Single ." 

HCE: What are your post-grad plans?

Z: I've got a job in finance in New York (I know, I'm a walking Emory stereotype) that I got from my internship last summer which I really enjoyed. My start date isn't until late July though so I'm trying to do some cool stuff before I start, like traveling to Israel or going to some music festivals. 

HCE: Name a few of your favorite things.

Z: In no particular order:

Movies, jam bands, football, New York, steak, dogs, beaches, scotch, Jay-Z, bass guitar, and bacon.

HCE: How does it feel to be graduating, and are you ready for the real world?

Z: Last summer I got a taste of the real world since I lived in my own apartment in New York and had a full-time internship, and I had a great time. Having that experience really made me feel ready to graduate. However, I have no doubt that in about 6 months I'll completely regret ever saying I was ready to leave college. 

HCE: Looking back on your college career, what is the biggest lesson you've learned?

Z: College is a time when you just have more interesting people, resources and activities available than at any other time in your life, so you should really do your best to capitalize on all of the opportunities to do cool things. 

HCE: Any guilty pleasures?

Z: I'd say that since I became a second semester senior I've spent about 95% of my time indulging in my various guilty pleasures. I'd get more specific, but I'm hoping to keep Allison around.