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Your Summer Netflix To-Do List

When finals roll around, it seems the only thing I can think about is what I’ll be doing after finals. I’m currently dreaming about which show on Netflix I’ll fall into bed with next week. Whether you’re just beginning with exams or are on the way to the airport, here are some of Netflix’s top TV shows and movies to put on your to-do list this summer.

Mean Girls: Finally, Netflix got with the program and added the most universally loved movie of our generation. Also on Netflix is Mean Girls 2, but seriously do not bother.

House: You don’t have to be pre-med to enjoy this series. Just recently uploaded to Netflix, feel free to waste those summer days with every episode of Dr. House and company. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: I would normally advocate book before movie, but in this case, you’ve survived finals. You deserve to watch the movie first. 

Blackfish: Were you planning a summer trip to SeaWorld? Maybe not after watching this buzzing documentary about killer whales in captivity. 

Orange is The New Black: This show is the new black. Be sure to binge watch the first season if you haven’t already, so you can be ready to binge watch the second when it comes out on Netflix on June 6. 

Clueless: If you need a laugh after finals (I know I will), turn to the loveable innocence of Cher. 

Good luck on finals, and remember—you’ll be in bed watching TV soon enough! 

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