Your Post-Recruitment Life, As Told By GIFs

You opened your Bid Card and obviously threw yourself a party.  

You called everyone you knew, from parents to best friends, to inform them of your collegiate social future.

After debating various outfits to wear to go meet your new sisters, you gave up and just wore the plain tank top your Pi Chis told you to wear in the first place.

And once you arrived, you were greeted with some new Greek apparel that made you feel a little more sophisticated than it probably should have.

In the midst of trying to process the excitement of Bid Day, you realized you were beyond exhausted from past two weeks of recruitment. But, more importantly, you still needed to keep your smile on for all of those photo ops.

And, of course, you worked on perfecting your sorority squat now that you were officially going to be a sister.

While you really did try your hardest to take cute photos during Bid Day, you were ultimately disappointed with the lack of acceptable options you had when it came time to Instagram.

You were so excited to have real conversations with your sisters after the awkward screaming ones you had during recruitment.  

But after a long day of talking and fun activities, you started to get hungry (and possibly a little hangry). Luckily, you found out your sisters love to eat just as much as you do.

Once you left the lodge, you came home to a ridiculous number of friend requests and wall posts that reminded you of your exciting social media life back in seventh grade.

Suddenly, a bunch of older girls were messaging you left and right for lunch and dinner plans. You can’t deny that it made you feel pretty cool.

And after just one meal, you realized your new sisters were the perfect people to accompany you as your partners in crime for all your future adventures. 

Following all the fun, it was time for you to get down to business and attend your first chapter meeting.

At the meeting, you found out that there were dues you needed to pay pretty soon, which meant it was time to call your parents and ask for their support.

Once all the business matters were taken care of, you were ready to have some fun with your PC.

Of course, the night ended with food.

After one of the more exciting nights of your college career, you knew that the next few years with these girls would certainly be a wild ride.



Enjoy your time with your new sisters. The best is yet to come!