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Your Monthly Fix of New Netflix

Every month, Netflix updates its procrastination options roster of shows and movies. This March, you may have lost the chance to revel in your glory days by watching one of Lindsay Lohan’s greatest works (a.k.a. “Freaky Friday,”) but not to worry- there are plenty of new choices to make up for this loss. From Oscar winning movies (“Finding Neverland”) to musical TV series (“Glee” and “Garfunkel and Oates”) to Queen Tina Fey’s newest series, Netflix has endless options to keep you perpetually distracted when you should be doing your work!


3rd Rock from the Sun (1996-2001)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an alien who comes to Earth to observe humans in this 90’s series. Do I need to say more? Worth it.

Available March 11.


Food Chains (2014)

We all go to Publix, but we all might not consider the full story of how the tomatoes got there each time we purchase them. Adding fuel to the current food industry fire, this documentary sheds light on the story behind our food. From a producer of one of the most popular food documentaries to date, “Food, Inc.,” this documentary depicts Florida migrant workers on a hunger strike in protest of poor wages from Publix.

Available March 5th.


Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden (2015)

There is nothing more gratifying than watching Aziz Ansari under the grand, glamorous spotlights at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. The comedian described hugging his parents on stage at MSG as the “happiest [he’s] ever been.” The show may be a comedy, however, Ansari’s sold-out stand-up comedy special addresses thought-provoking topics like American immigrants and current state of the food industry.

Available March 6th.


Patch Williams (1998)

The late Robin Williams stars as a doctor who develops a clinic that uses humor to heal patients. In light of his death, this movie is quintessential to the essence of who Robin Williams was, and is, therefore, a must-see.

Available March 1st.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015)

The story focuses on an ex-cult member who moves to modern NYC, but let’s be real- I don’t even need to know the premise to know that I’ll watch it. I was sold the second I heard that it comes from the brilliant mind of TINA FEY.

Available March 6th.


When you absolutely can’t even anymore with your schoolwork, the next choice point arises when you distinguish that there are bad ways to procrastinate, and then there are good ways to procrastinate. These newest Netflix releases definitely fall under the good ways to procrastinate category. Your time is well spent staying up-to-date, or throwing it back, with these crucial pieces that reflect our pop culture today.

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