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Your 4 Best Study Partners

Sick of wasting time trying to figure out what to drink while doing your homework? Not to worry. Here are a few insanely tasty drinks that’ll put you in a refreshed mood while you tackle your homework.

      1. Mango Iced Tea with Lychee Jelly — Suno

Suno bubble tea is downright delicious—definitely a great move when you’re in the mood for something on the colder side! This is the tastiest, lightest, and most addicting drink ever without the caffeine.

      2. Iced Caramel Latte — Dunkin Donuts

This one is a bit sweeter than the rest of your lattes, but it still does its job of keeping you awake and focused. The best part: you can easily stop by the DUC and get this treat anytime.

      3. Mint Hot Chocolate — Dunkin Donuts

This will help you stay up without all the caffeine! The flavor of hot cocoa will keep you going back for more. Thankfully we have that wonderful Emory discount!

     4. Pumpkin Latte — Peet’s Coffee

Finally, a delicious pick-me-up you can buy in the library! This fall-inspired drink will instantly warm you up. It really hits the spot for those late night study sessions at Woodruff Library.

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