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Winning London

If you think that all that the blessed States have gotten from our friends across the pond is Independence, the Rolling Stones, and the terribly irritating “Keep Calm And _________” poster in every freshman dorm room that reeks of cliché, then I urge you to think again. England boasts some of the most impressive and euro-gasmic clothing lines, with just the right amount of both cheek and chic. So go ahead, grab that Barbour jacket for the rougher winter climates, layer up some plaid with your raddest jumper (sweater), or add some slick oxfords to any ensemble for an easy blast of British pomp. Cheers!

Miss Selfridge

Baby sister to the immensely luxurious and utterly fabulous British department store, Selfridges, Miss Selfridge targets young women, offering an impressive array of occasion dresses, tops, denim, shoes, and accessories. Take a gander at their online “Shops”, which condense the search for you. Best when you’re searching for something particular, for example, Holiday Shop, Festival Shop, Occasion Shop, etc. Also, attention little ladies: they have a separate Petites section online and in stores!

AllSaints Spitalfields

Spitalfields, London based fashion retailer, AllSaints, is the quintessential cool girl’s sartorial fantasy. One part rough ‘n tough leather, many parts British inspired basics, AllSaints is a brand that revives the importance of good quality fabrics and keep-them-forever classics. My personal Emory-Specific AllSaints-inspired Allstar is my friend, Maxx Rifkin. Armed with a great collection of knits, leathers, and boots to match her killer sense of style, Maxx is the AllSaints girl: daring, cool, and one hell of a trendsetter. 

River Island

River Island is a London headquartered clothing line that delivers on well-priced separates. Trendy, colorful, and edgy, the brand has recently taken on style queen, Rihanna, who has just released her Autumn 2013 line for River Island. Can this woman do no wrong? All hail. 


Perhaps the most well known moderately priced British retailer, Topshop specializes in everything from clothing, accessories, and makeup, to one killer footwear line. For a few years, Topshop had one major flagship store in New York, second in size only to their Oxford Circus London location. Thankfully they’ve opened stores in Chicago, Vegas, and LA, but for those of us who aren’t a hop, skip, and a jump away from those hubs, Topshop has recently agreed to sell through Nordstrom, a major American department store. Unique, trendy, and very very British: what more could you ask for? Not much.

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