Why I'm Obsessed with Mikey's Pizza Pockets

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Do you ever randomly crave Hot Pockets, you know, some of that good ol’ cheesy goodness - only to remember the world hates you and you’re allergic to dairy, gluten, and all those other fun things? Yeah, same. Sadly, us allergen prone individuals are often faced with the tough decision of choosing whether we prefer missing out on all our favorite treats, or if we prefer eating them despite the allergies -  and spending time in the bathroom paying for it later.

As an individual who is allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy, almonds, and avocados - legit everything I know - to say I was overjoyed when a box of Mikey’s pizza pockets ended up on my doorstep would be a colossal understatement. I had lived most of my life without the ridiculous laundry list of allergies - that is, until last summer when they decided to commence and deprive me of all my potential hot summer ice cream runs. I actually cried - yes literal tears - when I found out that I would no longer be able to indulge in cheesy thick crusted pepperoni pizza after a night out on the town. Yes, I am aware that there are other dairy-free and gluten-free options for Pizza - such as Daiya, and Amy’s - but with all due respect, I’ve had the luxury of living 20 years of my life with the ability to eat the real thing and these do not come anywhere close - even drunk me is able to differentiate between the two. Mikey’s pizza pockets are a different story.

Mikey’s pockets of goodness, are gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, milk and lactose-free - and guilt-free! I kid you not, they taste so f****** good. Now for the best part, us gluten free and dairy free individuals who are confined to vegan food, despite actually enjoying eating meat, now have a product that meets all our dietary restrictions. I can’t tell you enough, how many times I’ve had to settle for vegan meals. Mikey’s pepperoni pizza pockets are literally the answer to my prayers. I no longer have to settle for meatless, vegan pizza, when all I really want is a nice cheesy slice of pepperoni - and now you don’t either. 

P.S. They also have Ham & Cheese Pizza Pockets, Sausage & Peppers Pockets, and Cauliflower Curry Pockets - how exciting?