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Over the past year, Disney has slowly been pulling many big title tv shows and movies from the main streaming services in order to launch their very own. Now, I know what you’re thinking, I already have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., so why do I need Disney’s? Well, for starters, a monthly subscription is $6.99 and a yearly subscription is $69.99 compared to Netflix, which charges $8.99 for only one screen. Secondly, Disney is also offering a triple subscription of Disney+, Hulu+, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month. With that being said, now let me give you some insight into the real game changers–the ultimate access to all your favorite Disney media including new series, throwbacks, and unforgettable blockbusters. 

1. Hocus Pocus 2: Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean you can’t rewatch this gem! Grab your broomsticks and watch out because Disney just lit the black flame candle; that’s right, the Sanderson sisters are back and Disney is in the works of creating a sequel to the 1993 cult classic.

2. Lizzie McGuire Revival: Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreams are made of. Hilary Duff is officially back as our favorite OG 2000’s girl but this time as a 30-year-old Lizzie taking on NYC. If Lizzie shines as bright in the Big Apple as she does in Rome, we are in for a treat. 

3. High School Musical: Not only will all 3 movies of the greatest Disney Channel original movie franchise be on Disney+ but so will a whole new group of Wildcats. High School Musical The Musical The Series is a new Disney+ original series focusing on a group of high school students who are in the process of putting on a production of High School Musical the musical and just so happen to also attend the famous high school where the movies were filmed. Can anyone say “We’re All in this Together?”

4. Star Wars: If you are a Star Wars junkie, then Disney+ is definitely the streaming platform for you as it will include the originals, the early 2000’s prequels, and the current new box-office hits. So, may the force be with you.

5. Pixar Movies: All your favorite Pixar movies from Toy Story to Finding Nemo, Incredibles to Monsters Inc. and many more will all be joining Disney+ so get ready to relive your childhood (We all remember the Pixar lamp).

6. Marvel: If you’re like me, then you know there are way too many Marvel movies to keep track of, but thankfully there will now be one place to watch all of them! Now you just need to know what order to watch them in.

7. Disney Classics: Before there were the live-action remakes, there were the original classics, including all the quintessential princess movies (cue Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, etc.) and the greatest family movies of all time (The Lion King, Dumbo, Bambi, etc.). And just so you know, you will never be too old for these!

8. DCOM: When it comes to my childhood, it is impossible to remember it without the presence of Disney Channel Original Movies. Big hits such as Camp Rock, Cadet Kelly, Halloweentown, The Cheetah Girls, and many many more gave us hope that we too could fulfill our dreams, overcome adversity, and occasionally break out into song while doing it.

9. Disney Shows: Another major component that allowed the Disney Channel to thrive, especially in the early 2000’s was their hit TV shows. Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, That’s So Raven, Kim Possible, and Wizards of Waverly Place were the gems that the current Disney Channel cannot come close to matching. 

10. Holiday Movies: Ok, here we go. As we delve deeper into November, you know what that means. The countdown to the holiday season begins. This is impossible without Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. Well, guess what, Disney+ also includes all the best Freeform original and classic holiday movies. The Santa Claus, I’ll be Home for Christmas, Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish, etc. So let’s start singing “Jingle Bells, jingle bells…”

So, if I’ve done enough convincing, go get Disney+, out on November 12. Mickey Mouse thanks you in advance!

Laura is a current senior at Emory University (Class of 2020) studying psychology and linguistics. When not watching The Bachelor or teen tv dramas, Laura can be found playing tennis with her friends, sipping on her white mocha in Starbucks, or rocking out to Taylor Swift. Laura hopes to combine her love for entertainment with her love for making memories and bringing joy to people by becoming an event planner in the entertainment industry.
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