Where to Go for a Wax Around Emory

As a New Yorker, I have definitely gotten used to the Atlanta “Spring” time weather of 75-80 degrees. The walks to school are so much more pleasant, and while work piles up as the semester winds down, I can now enjoy lying out by the pool at least while I stress out over grades. But with the nicer weather comes the desperate need for hair maintenance, and especially, waxing. No one wants an embarrassing moment while rocking that cute new bathing suit you just bought! Here is a list of some of my favorite places to get a wax around Emory’s campus:

  1. Art of Wax

Art of Wax has become my new favorite this semester since it is so conveniently placed at Emory Point, and it is really high quality. If you want to get bigger services done like a bikini or leg wax, it is pricey, but I believe it’s worth it since the results stay for a long time. Other smaller services, like eyebrows, are very reasonably priced. They also offer sugaring as well.

2. Sweet Peach

I used to go to Sweet Peach all the time last year when I didn’t live at Emory Point and Art of Wax didn’t exist, and I absolutely loved it. It’s close to campus, about 10 minutes away in Virginia Highlands. I know plenty of people that still frequent here, and I would say it is at the same level or even better than Art of Wax, but it depends on who you get. I had a woman there for all of last year that was able to do my eyebrows perfectly, but once she left, my eyebrows were absolutely ruined by a different aesthetician. I would still recommend Sweet Peach, just be very clear as to how you want your eyebrows done!

3. European Wax Center

I also know a lot of people that go to European Wax Center and really like it. I tried it out a few times my freshman year, but I didn’t think the aestheticians were friendly, and one completely ignored how I told her I wanted my eyebrows done. (If you can’t tell, I take my eyebrows very seriously) It’s located in the Toco Hills Shopping Center, so also very close to campus. I would say maybe check it out for body waxing because they have a special type of wax of their own that is isn’t harsh, but be very clear as to how you want your waxing to be done.

4. Jazmin Spa

Jazmin is also located at Emory Point, so it’s also very close to campus, but I would not say it is as good quality as Art of Wax. They only have one woman doing waxing, but she also does threading as well if you prefer. You can also get your nails done at Jazmin, but I’ve had mine done there, and they never stay for very long. I would say this is a last minute option, if you are unable or forget to make an appointment at any of the other spas since the prices here are the same as the other places.