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What It’s Like to Go to College with a Camp Friend

Because saying cheers to the next four years will never get old.

As a child, I went to sleep-away camp for 4 weeks at a time. As we are approaching the one-month anniversary of being at Emory, I feel as though I should be saying goodbye to my camp friend Julia. Going to college with her never fails to amaze me, so I have compiled a list of what it’s like to go to college with a camp friend.

1. You annoy everyone at camp, bragging how you two are so lucky to be going to college together.

From matching college apparel, to making your campers cheer Emory, to yelling “see you in 9 days!” on the last day of camp, it tends to get old pretty quickly, that is, for everyone but you.

2. You decide not to room together because you want to “meet new people”.

Though you find your own friend groups, eventually her friends become your friends, and your friends become her friends.

3. You always have someone to talk to who knows you better than yourself. 

Chances are she was there for your first kiss, eternalizing every excruciatingly awkward detail—and you were there for hers—making no topic off limits in your friendship.

4. After years of visiting each other throughout the year, seeing her family is just as good as seeing your own family. 

From the time her little brother first started going to camp, you’ve treated him as if he were your brother. You have your own sibling-esque inside jokes, and are almost as happy to see him as you are her! When it comes to parents, they’ve seen you grow up through online pictures from the youngest camper to counselor. From merely seeing you on drop-off/pick-up day, they realize your changes each year and treat you like they have known you for years.

5. You sometimes fight, but know how to easily fix it.

No matter what the scale of the argument is, you talk through your problems and get over it, realizing that your friendship is more important than being mad at each other. You’re used to having limited time with each other, so conflict between you two is just not an option!

6. You decide to rush together because you want to officially become sisters.

Getting to introduce her to EVERYONE as your BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD isn’t enough for you two! What says friendship more than being able to introduce her as your sister!?

7. You know that no matter what, going to college together— whether by mere fate or choice— was the best thing to ever happen to both of you. 

Being able to take your long-distance friendship to a dorm away will never fail to make you smile. You consistently ask each other “how did we get so lucky?”, ever thankful to be able to spend the greatest four years with the greatest friend.

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