What to Do on Your Study Breaks

Everyone's least favorite aspect of spring has arrived - finals season! Whether you're cramming to get your lab notebooks filled, memorizing notes you barely remember taking, or are busy writing essays, at some point you're going to need a break. I have some lovely suggestions for the best ways to unwind as the semester comes to a close. 

1. Watch Bob Ross videos! 

My absolute favorite way to relax and keep my spirits high is with Bob! If you've never watched one of these videos before, it's time you try it. He has two series on Netflix, and I've seen every episode of both seasons. They're equally magical. Some episodes can also be found on YouTube! I have found no greater stress reliever than his soft voice, easy going attitude, and pet squirrels. 10/10 would recommend. 

2. Paint your nails! 

If watching Bob Ross paint isn't relaxing enough, why not do it yourself? Painting your nails will force you to concentrate on something other than studying! It will also take away the ability for you to use your hands to do work - perfect study break. 

3. Go outside! 

Blue skies and fresh air will forever be a great way to relax. I would suggest a stroll through Lullwater park to relax between study sessions. Even better - bring your books to the park to enjoy the spring weather and prepare for finals simultaneously! 

4. Sip some cold water. 

There are so many benefits to drinking water! It can help you survive those late nights in the library while boosting your immune system and relieving and preventing headaches! It is the essential study aid. Who doesn't want to have clear skin and be in a good mood at the end of finals?

5. Sand cutting or paint mixing videos. 

The quirkiest item on the list, kinetic sand cutting and paint mixing videos have become super trendy lately. I have seen them especially popular on Instagram as #sandcutting #paintmixing. I can totally see why! They are so satisfying to watch. These videos would make a nice refresher during short study breaks. They key is to not get so sucked in that you accidentally watch them for hours! 

Good luck study breaking!