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Ways to More Easily Adjust to Daylight Savings

Daylight savings may seem like an unusual topic to create a discussion out of, but, for many, this change can be difficult and quite abrupt. While it luckily will not get as dark in Atlanta as it does in some of the northern cities we hall from, daylight savings certainly still represents a big shift in sunlight. Our 6 p.m. runs will now soon be pitch black and for many this can be a total disruption to their routine. But, don’t fret! Here are some things that you can do to help you adjust and feel more comfortable with this time change.

Start adjusting early!

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If you feel a little bit concerned by the big shift coming, try to start your schedule a little earlier than usual. This change will help you feel adapted to changing times of sunrise and sunset when the clocks actually change. You can even try and reward yourself for waking up an extra hour early. Make yourself a special breakfast as a treat or try a new coffee place! Also, adjusting early can help you get ahead of those around you! It always feels good to be a little bit ahead of the game, right? 

Take advantage of the early morning sun!

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While the looming dark afternoons ahead might sometimes seem depressing, you should definitely try and take advantage of the extra sunlight during the early hours of the day. Make an effort to walk around outside when you can. If you’re too lazy to undertake physical activity, try spending time outside eating lunch or calling a friend. Any bit of sunshine can go a long way!

Clean up a little!

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As silly as it mean seem, daylight savings represents a midpoint during the year. This is the perfect opportunity to do some organizing and freshen up your room! Some people use this time to vacuum, change old light bulbs and even get a new air freshener for their homes.  A new smell in your dorm room or apartment is never a bad thing!

Make it brighter!

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Sometimes the above tips may just not be enough to help you feel comfortable with the time change. If that is the case, it can be helpful to purchase light therapy boxes. These boxes help counteract and reduce the production of melatonin in your brain, which makes you tired!  The lights use blue light, which is supposed to mimic the sun. If you are feeling tired or need a recharge, it is recommended to turn these lights on for about 20 minutes.

Hopefully with daylight savings creeping up upon us, these tips will help you feel prepared and adjusted. Remember the saying, spring forward and fall back! Don’t forget to change your clocks when the time comes.

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