Use Your Voice

No matter what beliefs you hold or opinions you have, we can all agree on one thing: Your viewpoints matter.


Many recent political policy changes have been controversial. Our new presidential administration has been receiving approval ratings below the 50% mark (Gallup, 2017). If you're an individual who disapproves of the history we are in the process of writing, your voice matters more than ever, and your opinions must be shared to maintain an America that reflects the values of the majority.


Yes, this is the administration in place for the next four years, and it may not be one that is widely supported holistically. However, this cannot be silencing. In fact, I hope it can be a motivator for change.


If you would like to participate in our country’s national conversations, I have compiled a list of websites that feature political petitions to be signed. Here, you can access petitions that have the power to influence policy: to construct the America you would like to see.


1. Petition The Whitehouse (

         This website provides a forum to take action on issues that matter, gather signatures, and demand an official update from the White House.


2. Change.Org (

         This organization allows anyone to start a social justice campaign, gain supporters, and make suggestions to policymakers.


3. iPetitions (

         This online petition creator prides itself on being a flexible online activism tool.


4. CREDO Action (

         This social network connects approximately 5 million activists, with hopes of change and promises of progress.


I do not intend to push any specific agendas, merely to make the tools to amplify voices more accessible. If you’re interested, please take the time to investigate these websites and toss your two cents into various national debates. And please remember: progress will not come about through petitions alone. I hope these websites inspire further action and greater investigation.