The Ultimate Finals Care Packages

While December means holiday cheer, it also means finals season for most college kids.  To get in the holiday spirit during such a stressful time, what better way to be in the giving mode than sending a friend a finals care package?  While a good idea in theory, you may not have time to individually put together a box of objects that a friend will love due to your own workload, and that’s where these glorious companies come in to do the work.


A Spoonful of Comfort

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After hours in the library and an impending feeling of defeat, sometimes all someone needs is a little bit of homemade chicken noodle soup and the love that comes with it.  That’s where A Spoonful of Comfort steps in.  This company was created on the premise of cooking love and healing into soup and sharing it with loved ones, and they will send a package of family sized soup accompanied with rolls and chocolate chip cookies in homey packaging (complete with a label) with a personalized note card.  What better way to let someone know you’re sending your love than by acting like their grandmother? 


Cookiedō or Edoughables

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While cookie dough is good for any occasion, the most fitting is when in times of desperate need for a pick me up.  Versatile enough to celebrate or mourn a final, a personal carton of gourmet cookie dough is always called for and always appreciated, and these are just two of many companies dedicated to sending packages of delicious dough to your friends for you.  Inventive and fresh, this is a package they won’t see coming. 


Baked by Melissa

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The mother of all food gifts, Baked by Melissa cupcakes are portable and the perfect size to pop them in your mouth as a satisfying study side.  If there’s ever a time to treat yourself with stress eating, its finals, and when you find yourself finishing off a whole tray, you can justify your actions with the sheer size of each cupcake.  A gift for every single occasion, you can’t go wrong with Baked by Melissa.



Everyone knows that a care package is mainly about the food, so throw a heartwarming note in and leave it to the experts to make you the best gift-giver ever this finals season.