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The Truth About Moving Off Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for: you’re out from under your parents’ roof, you’ve survived two years in dorms, and you’re now moving off campus and into your very first apartment! You’ve spent the past couple of months deciding on an aesthetic, choosing your bedding, and finding a couch. The first moment you opened the front door, you immediately fell in love with your new home. But… now what?


1. How do I assemble all this furniture?

All of your furniture will show up in multiple, huge boxes and maybe even on separate days. The instructions to put the pieces together make no sense and might just require an engineering degree.


2. I need… what?

You don’t really think of all the little things you use on a daily basis, from a paper towel holder to a drying rack.


3. What meals do I know how to make other than cereal and pasta?

As much as I support a heavy carb diet, you will need to learn how to make some other foods in your new kitchen (and no, chocolate does not count).


4. Since when is water and electricity so expensive?

I don’t think I really knew the value of water and power until I saw the bill…


5. OK, this was definitely all worth it.

So this whole “adulting” thing might be harder than you thought. Moving off campus and into a new apartment isn’t easy, but it’s all worth it when you have a new, beautiful place to call home.

Cayla is a freshman at Emory University studying English and Media Studies. Her hobbies include editing photos of food and going on long walks on the beach. She can usually be found re-organizing her room, promoting gender equality, or talking about her amazing taste in music. You can follow Cayla on her Instragram @caylabam. 
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