Transition from Little to Big as Told by GIFs

Every spring semester, every sorority girl experiences one of her favorite events: adding a new member to her fam. This girl will serve as their best friend, confidant, and legacy. Here is the story of the exciting (and sometimes weird) transition from being a little to a big

When the new PC comes in and you want to meet everyone and seek out your potential little. 

Going out with the younger girls, you quickly release your tolerance is no longer what it was your freshman year. 

But you’re totally okay with it, and it’s wonderful because you’re meeting so many wonderful human beings that you’re happy to have as sisters. 

...and, somewhere in the mix, you find the one. 

You submit your lists to be matched as big and little! Here’s to hoping the other person loves you as much as you love them. 

Your pairing is made! But, of course that’s no surprise: your duo was meant to be. 

Now you have every excuse to go shopping because your little is the greatest and without a doubt deserves the best of the best. You want to give her the amazing clue week you received! 

The crafting has begun! Even though your canvases don’t exactly look Pinterest worthy, but at least they were made with love...

When you feel really bad for not letting her come into your room, but it’s literally full of clue week items and she can’t see them just yet.  

And all of the bonding you do with your fam prepping for clue week and setting up hints just reaffirms how right your family is. 

You creep yourself out writing clues because you never thought you’d sound so mushy. 

The mini-panic attack you have every day after leaving her room because you were afraid you forgot something in there.

Okay, okay. Maybe you messed something up. It’s okay, you’ve got this!

Eventually everything works out! It’s finally reveal day and you can introduce your little as the newest member of the best fam on the block. 

And now, you just can’t wait to be the overbearing grandbig and do it all over again!