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Three Movies You Should Watch This Month

I have a confession. I have an addiction to movies. Okay scratch that, it’s actually food, but movies are certainly a close second.  Let me rephrase: I have many priorities in life, and movies are one of them. Basically, no matter what’s going on, you’ll find me in a movie theater every single weekend. Even if I have an endless amount of tests coming up or essays due, I’ll still be there. Why? Well, movies, much like books, open up a window to another life where you can escape your troubles for the few short hours. Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to three movies being released this month that you all should watch.

1. Going in Style

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There is nothing ever wrong with watching a little Morgan Freeman. But when a movie features Michael Caine, Alan Arking AND Morgan Freeman?! Talk about a triple threat right there. This comedy is coming out this upcoming Friday. The movie is basically about three old men who are desperate for money and decide that the best way to get it is by robbing a bank… Yep, that’s what I call safe conclusions. No money in your bank account? No worries! There’s enough inside a bank to satisfy your needs. I recommend this movie because with these three actors, it’s bound to be a laugh-so-hard-you-pee yourself (not really) kind of night.

2. The Lost City of Z

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When I first heard this title, all I could think about was Brad Pitt’s movie with zombies. Therefore, I thought this was a sequel. Little did I know, that was not the case (both have Z’s in them people, so no judging). What’s funny is that they use Charlie Hunnam as the leading character in the movie…talk about similarities. He’s like a younger-looking Brad Pitt, only manlier. Anyway, back to the topic… this movie is a true story about a British explorer who disappears while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon (cue dramatic music). So far, it’s gotten really nice reviews. You bet I’ll be there on the premiere night so I can get me some Charlie.

3. Voice from the Stone

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I saw the trailer for this movie yesterday, and let me tell you honestly, I was HOOKED.  I’m confident that I’ll get my money’s worth, not only because Emilia Clarke (a.k.a. Daenerys) is in it, but because the plot itself—at least what I could garner from the trailer— seems so riveting I would go see it regardless of the actors. Full warning, this movie is a thriller, not a horror movie. That means you’ll probably be biting your nails wondering what will happen next. 

Hopefully you all get a chance to go to the movies and blow off some steam before finals week. One (or 10) movies never hurt nobody.

Movies you should watch that didn’t make it on my list:

  1. Colossal
  2. Gifted
  3. Their Finest
  4. Fast and Furious (obviously)
  5. The Promise
  6. The Circle (Tom Hanks is in it, enough said)
  7. How to be a Latin lover
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