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#ThanksGary: Gary, The Most Interesting College VP

On February 10, Gary Hauk became the most interesting school administrator…


Students across Emory’s campus Instagrammed the legendary email sent by one Gary Hauk.


They also created cover photos of one legendary response from freshman Mary Hollis. Check out Her Campus Emory’s Campus Celeb interview with Mary Hollis coming out later this week!


#ThanksGary began trending on Twitter.


Then, this beautiful cover photo was discovered. On this beautiful Facebook community. Like it here.


Memes began trending on Facebook.


Many tribute Facebook statuses were created.

Students were confused about Gary’s decision considering the weather, but they all supported his decision.


Fortunately, despite Gary’s snow concerns, Margaret’s had faith in Emory students’ attendance and decided to remain open.


Happy Snowpocalypse Round 2!!!

Allison is a senior at Emory University studying Journalism and the rather complicated major of Interdisciplinary Studies: Visual Studies and Contemporary Cultures. She is slightly obsessed with magazines and has written and edited for Her Campus since its start at Emory her freshman year. At Emory she can generally be found giving tours to prospies, hanging with her ADPi sisters, DJ-ing with WMRE and om-ing in yoga classes. Allison enjoys music, drawing, and fashion, and like most college students she is completely addicted to coffee. After graduation she wants to work in public relations or marketing, but her secret dream is to become Lena Dunham. Follow her on Twitter: @alldayallison
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