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Tameka Pierre-Jean: The Face Behind Campus Cutie

Today we’re bringing you something a little different. This week’s Campus Cutie is me — Emory’s Her Campus’ Profile Editor! Check out below for more on what I do as Campus Profile Editor and how you can potentially be the next Campus Cutie!

Name: Tameka Pierre-Jean

Year: Senior

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Economics and Media Studies 

Extracurricular Activities: Campus Profile Editor for Her Campus, Treasurer The Survivor Anthology, Social Media Team for Women Ready


How’d you get involved with Her Campus Emory?

I first found out about Her Campus in high school when I was researching the different colleges I was interested in. I thought it was such a cool website to get advice on all things collegiate, so when I ultimately decided on Emory, I knew I wanted to find a way to get involved with the Emory chapter. I always thought that the Campus Cutie profiles were so fun and a cool way to get to know about different people on campus. When the application came out, I decided to apply for Campus Cutie Editor position and the rest is history! 


What is your favorite part of your job? Any favorite interviewees? 

The best part about my role is getting to interact with tons of people that I may have never gotten the chance to get to know on campus. So many people on this campus are doing extraordinary things and I love getting to know a bit more about what’s going on in different areas of the Emory community, as well as being able to showcase the many triumphs and accomplishment of these individuals. I won’t name any names of favorite interviewees, but I did once receive an answer to one of my questions in a sonnet, which was both odd and really funny. 

How do you pick Campus Cuties?

Being Campus Profile Editor, you really need to be in the loop with what’s going on in the Emory community. I am very active on social media and in different groups at Emory so I always try and look for leaders of organizations hosting a cool workshop or event to a) promote their event and b) celebrate their hard work and dedication towards their clubs. I also am constantly reaching out to my friends to see if they know of anyone who is working on cool projects, whether it be on or off campus. I essentially have eyes and ears everywhere, trying to find any exciting happenings. 


What will you miss the most when you graduate? 

The people. Emory is full of amazing people that continue to inspire me each and every day. Through this role, I’ve gotten to know so many great people and while I’ll be sad to leave Emory, I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

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