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Super Bowl Commercial Standouts…Barely

There were those rooting for the Patriots (the very very few brave souls), those rooting for the Rams (the rest of the country), and then those strictly there for the commercials (yours truly). Year after year, countless of viewers tune in to watch the famous multimillion-dollar commercials so they can join the rest of the world’s day-after discussion only to forget about them until next year’s Super Bowl.

So, let’s begin our rundown of the most memorable commercials from last night’s game because what else would I be talking about after the Super Bowl—the plays, the coaching, the touchdowns? Yeah, right!

1. Hyundai – My favorite commercial of the night featured Jason Bateman as the elevator operator bringing several people down to their awful destinations. Some of these included a root canal procedure, jury duty, and a delayed flight. Yet, one lucky couple was gifted the latest Hyundai automobile which is definitely the best car out there, right? More like, only a slightly better option than having to give some teenager “the talk.”

2. NFL 100 – Most notable amongst the Super Bowl crowd was the NFL 100 commercial featuring all the famous football players of the past and present. Sitting at an awards dinner, one player reaches for a taste of the dessert only to knock the golden football off the top of the cake. What happens in the next few seconds can only be described as a craze of cheerleaders reacting to someone dropping the spirit stick (yes, major Bring It On vibes), resulting in the most legendary game of catch of all time.

3. Doritos – Usually the famous chip company delivers the most memorable commercials; however, this year, I was not impressed. Solely advertising the new flamin’ hot flavor of Doritos, Chance the Rapper is transported to a life of fast cars, lavish planes, and random paint explosions (what is this, a color run?) The only thing that semi-saved this commercial was the timeless presence of the Backstreet Boys strutting their classic white outfits and performing their iconic dance sequence to “I Want It That Way” (Nick Carter, you still got it).

4. T-Mobile/Lyft – The pink background pops on the screen and a text message conversation unfolds with one texter stating that they are there for the other, leading to the other texter appreciating the support and confiding in them…Meanwhile, the conversation ends with the blunt statement that it was just the Lyft driver who was there to pick them up. Sadly, we’ve all been there and wrongly assumed someone was there for us, so this reminds us that we are forever alone in the great big world *insert lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry’s*.

5. Stella Artois – Que the famous Sarah Jessica Parker walking into a bar and ordering her signature drink, but wait, there’s a sudden change in the way of the world with her, the Dos Equis guy, and Jeff Bridges all turning down their usual beverage of choice and in place choosing a Stella Artois. Wow, I mean, can you even imagine a way of life where the one and only Carrie Bradshaw orders anything other than a Cosmopolitan?

So, there you have it, the top 5 commercials that I remembered from last night’s Super Bowl and not the fact that the Patriots won the very unentertaining game. After all, who needs to watch this game when the real Super Bowl of the world, The Bachelor finale, airs in a month, which only includes as much crying, cheering, and predictability as another Tom Brady win.

Laura is a current senior at Emory University (Class of 2020) studying psychology and linguistics. When not watching The Bachelor or teen tv dramas, Laura can be found playing tennis with her friends, sipping on her white mocha in Starbucks, or rocking out to Taylor Swift. Laura hopes to combine her love for entertainment with her love for making memories and bringing joy to people by becoming an event planner in the entertainment industry.
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