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Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

As we’re still struggling with the transition from summer into fall here in Atlanta (I mean seriously, make up your mind. One day it’s cold, the next it’s sweltering) I thought it would be nice to talk about a trend that works regardless of the weather. The trend in question: stripes.
Stripes work on everyone, with pretty much anything. While it’s imperative to find a type of stripe that’s flattering for your body (whether it’s horizontal, vertical, thick or thin), once you’ve found a good fit you pretty much can’t go wrong.
Stripes can be used in a variety of ways because they’re just oh-so versatile. They’re also a great way to breach the world of prints for people who generally like to stick with solids. For these beginners, start with a striped shirt! Black and white stripes are endlessly classy, while navy and white stripes scream nautical in all the best ways. Try switching up your striped shirt with a variety of different bottoms because they’ll look killer topping jeans, black pants or white ones and you’ll get a completely different vibe with each one! White with stripes looks classy, while jeans and stripes is effortlessly casual, and black jeans with a striped top looks edgy. There really are endless possibilities.
Striped dresses are good for everyone. Whether you’re going for a maxi or a mini, a striped dress can look either classy and sophisticated, or edgy and fun. Black and white stripes are the easiest to work with in terms of dresses, and there are so many ways you can wear them! Go edgy with an army green utility jacket, or girly with a soft gray cardigan. Think back to your childhood and throw on your favorite denim jacket for a look straight out of the 90s! Everyone loves the 90s.
If you’re ready to take a bigger plunge, try striped pants. Vertical stripes will make your legs look longer by miles and they’re so trendy! You’ll definitely turn an eye or ten if you’re rocking the striped pants and I promise you, you’ll have at least three strangers come up to compliment you on how awesome you look. Because striped pants are a bit out there, I suggest keeping your top solid, though any color will work!
Stripes are also a great way to break into the “mixing patterns” trend. They’re definitely the simplest of patterns, which makes them easy to mix, especially when you’re dealing with a garment that only has two colors of alternating stripes. Stripes work great with plaids and even with florals. My personal favorite, however, is to mix stripes with more stripes. I know, predictable, right? Seriously though, mixing different stripes takes an outfit to a whole other level, and it’s so easy to find stripes that work together! All you have to do is find another garment in the same colors et voilà, effortless pattern mixing that looks flawless.
So rain or shine, find some stripes that work for you! There’s a reason every single “Paris Style Fashion Guide” is loaded to the brim with striped clothing! Seriously. We all know that Parisians practically invented chic!
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