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The Strangest Crimes Committed at Emory

All too frequently we see EMS running around campus, headed towards the latest victim of underage substance abuse. So, of course, a majority of the crimes and problems reported at Emory surround the same circumstances. Yet, every once in a while, a strange report pops up, completely diverting our attention towards this new strange incident. So here’s a collection of some of the stranger crimes committed!

When bathrooms are too mainstream.

There was a time when Emory wasn’t as particular about entry into dormitories as it is now. And so, back in the day, strangers who went to some other college (assumedly GTECH), entered into a freshman resident hall, intoxicated. The bathroom was nearby, but why bother when the kitchen has a perfectly good sink? It goes without saying that maintenance wasn’t too thrilled the next day…

The Case of the Missing Golf Cart

We’ve all seen golf carts zoom around college. As it turns out, only specific people have access to it. And yet somehow, a few Freshman managed to find a golf cart and decided to take it “all over” campus. Needless to say, the police cruisers took the fun out of the story just a tiny bit.

How to get Rich 101

One fine day, a grad student received a phone call from the “IRS,” claiming that this student owed money to the IRS. And worse—if he hung up the phone, he would have criminal charges brought against him. So the student wired this mystery caller $900. When the caller asked for more money, the student got suspicious and finally called the police.

The Bermuda Stairwell

A student placed her iPhone near the stairwell by the second floor, and walked away. Later, she came back to retrieve it and…the iPhone was gone. Not that the stairwell isn’t a great place to leave your phone for a while, but really—why did she place her phone in a stairwell?

You’re fired!

EPD received a phone call in which an employer-employee dispute was taking place. The employee was being terminated and didn’t take the news too well. On the way out, the employee knocked down food items as she left the area, breaking three bottles of a glass liquid.

Clearly, crimes do get interesting here at Emory. If you’re interested, find more on The Emory Wheel!

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