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As summer nears, the prospect of what to do with four months of freedom was certainly my question for the past few weeks. As college students, summer internships seem like the “right” move. But, are they really? How can we know for sure that internships will really help us in the future? Plus, a summer of work without pay may not sounds so appealing.

The struggle is real. Certainly, I did not want to do the “dirty work” at an organization.  

But, I also didn’t want to end up not being able to say I had experience with an internship.

For those not interested in internships, there are plenty of other opportunities and possibilities for a productive, and also fun summer. For one, if you want to make some money, getting a job is never a bad idea. But, where?

Plenty of local places in your hometown are probably looking for employees. Camps, shops, and restaurants love hiring college kids. Applications are definitely starting to appear, as summer gets nearer.

In addition, another suggestion for all the camp lovers out there, is working at a sleep-away camp. A summer wonderland for kids is bound to be your own adventure. College students basically encompass the staff’s of sleep-away camps and there are usually a bunch of international workers as well.

Being a counselor, teaches time management, leadership skills, and helps foster tradition.

Yet, if you are into the internship life, go for it. It could help, you truly never know.  A little resume building possibly will go a long way. Maybe you have some connections or maybe you can just get lucky and land an excellent opportunity.

Furthermore, it is never a bad idea to try and take classes at Emory or at another institution to try and get ahead on your general education requirements.

With all this being said, make the right choice about your summer. Do what you think is best, not necessarily what looks best. 

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