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Hometown: New Delhi, India

Major: Econ & Sustainability

Extracurriculars: President of Emory Cricket Club


Her Campus Emory (HCE): What’s been your favorite part of going to school in Atlanta?

Sohit (S): Getting the week off because of only a few inches of snow, twice.

HCE: What other languages are you fluent in?

S: Hindi and Punjabi

HCE: What is your relationship status?

S: Happily single.

HCE: What is one skill in the opposite sex that would impress you the most?

S: Her ability to order the right wine for the occasion.

HCE: What is one little known fact about you?

S: I’m scared of bees. 

HCE: What was your immediate reaction to being named this week’s Campus Cutie?

S: It’s probably a prank. And now I’m thinking, what took them so long?

HCE: What is your greatest aspiration in life?

S: At the moment, Fortune’s “40 under 40”.

HCE: Who’s your role model?

S: My dad. He’s superman.


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