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Shine in Spring and Summer with Your Favorite Suit

Whenever the first day of March arrives, people can think of one thing, and one thing only – spring break! Spring break is the perfect time for individuals to relax, recoup and spend some time soaking up the sun. And now that spring break has finally arrived, so has a new assortment of fashionable bathing suits to flaunt from now until the last day of summer.

There are a few differing trends which really stand out if you want to shine during the upcoming summery seasons. Here are some ideas for you:

Mix more unique and interesting tops with either with a matching set (bottom), or with a simpler bottom – but start with the top! Neon and intricate back patterns are very in. 

Perhaps, try something, which may seem a little more unusual and go for a two-piece, which highlights the features around your neck. Not only is this a flattering look, but it can also feel more supportive and comfortable. Also a classic, older fashioned, black and white pattern will never fail.

Another way to emphasize and highlight body shape is by wearing high wasted bottoms (sometimes even with a higher up neck line as well.) “High-wasted” only makes your body appear longer and more attractive. Not only that, but it covers more skin and allows for really cute patterns. 

If you are someone who, perhaps, does not want to show their whole body you are still in luck because one-pieces are very fashionable this year. Some one- pieces are made out of special materials (perhaps, wet suit material), while others can host a design, which will make your body look better than ever before. 

Don’t worry though, if you simply want to wear a more typical and classic bathing suit, such a look is still very cool (literally and figuratively) and comfortable. From blocked colors, to designs, to prints, this classic style of bathing suit will never fall out of trend. (This pink, printed triangle-bathing suit is my personal favorite. The white outline really highlights the shape and I love the cuts.)

Lastly, I recommend acquiring something, which you can “throw over” any bathing suit. A plainer, more simple (and light weight) cover up not only allows your bathing suit to still be seen and admired, but also allows you to feel protected while still feeling beautiful. This is the perfect cover up for a summers day. 









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