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Seasonal Self-Reflection

The first week of October is coming to an end,  and soon enough the  Fall semester will be over.  Not to freak you out, but think about how far we have come already. Crazy, right?

I wanted to use this opportunity to challenge you all to reflect on where you are at this point of your life. Are you stressed about your exams or grades? Enjoying the parties? Drinking a lot of cold brew or pumpkin spice lattes to stay awake? Whatever it is that you have been up to, take a minute to reflect on what you have accomplished so far and what your future goals are. It’s easy to get caught up in the struggles of little everyday things and lose sight of the reasons we do what we do. Why did you join that club? Why did you take that class? Why are you stressing out about the future?  Where are you trying to go next?

This past summer I had an experience that changed my perspective on life and made me realize I had been approaching things all wrong. 

The college experience should be something we enjoy and cherish while we’re living this chapter of our lives. So challenge yourself to reflect on your year so far, not only should you take note of the things you have done well, but also the things you want to change or accomplish further down the road. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you should do next! It is totally okay to feel stressed and anxious during this time in your life, but don’t lose sight of why you are going through this in the first place.

As we all know, it’s midterm season. By now you’ve probably taken your first exam of the semester or soon will be. Even so, try to remain calm and engaged in other aspects of your life. I know it’s not easy to balance everything that comes with college life, but if you’re able to set small goals aimed at helping you maintain a healthy balance you will thank yourself in the long run. Try to change something up or try out a new activity. Do something to keep yourself from stressing all the time because it really won’t help. If you like your routine and don’t see the point in changing anything then keep at it but remind yourself to do something to make each day different from the rest. Little things like this will keep you from feeling like the week is dragging on and there is nothing to look forward to when you can definitely look forward to something.

College can be a very stressful and exhausting experience but it doesn’t have to be. I am a regular college student going through the same struggle everyone else is, but I’ve learned the benefits of reflecting on the past, and I hope these tips will be useful in your life as well! Remember to find joy in moments of learning and growth because before you know it this fall season will be over – so lets make the most of it.

Veronica is a Senior at Emory University studying Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology on the pre-med track. She enjoys spending time with friends, family, and her dog Cody. Often can be found at Starbucks getting a strawberry refresher or as she likes to call it a big girl caprisun.
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