Remember Your Elementary School Days with These Iconic Toys

Looking back on elementary and middle school days, I can’t help but immediately feel nostalgic. Yes, it was a simpler time without the stresses or worries about school and life. More importantly, the early 2000's were the peak of the most iconic and ridiculous fad toys and tends. Take a walk down memory lane and rediscover the top toys and gadgets that defined your childhood!

1.  Webkinz


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No question about it, whoever came up with the idea of Webkinz was a genius.  The toy was an adorable stuffed animal which allowed for you to make an account to create an equally cute electronic version of the stuffed animal. Seriously, it was the best thing ever. Whether you liked to compete in the tournament arena playing Cash Cow and Polar Plunge or preferred to spend your time designing a room for your pet Webkinz, the site really had something for everyone.

2. Tamagotchis

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The Tamagotchi was simple . It allowed you to hatch a little electronic creature, care for it and play games with it. It is hard to believe that this toy was so addictive. Yet, we all cared about our adorable electronic pets so much that we could not even bear to leave them at home for the day.  For many, our elementary school recess turned into Tamagotchi time. It is easy to say that the saddest day of our eight-year-old lives was when our elementary school started banning them and our poor animated friends had to spend the school day trapped in our backpacks.

3. Silly bandz

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As any respectable stylish elementary schooler would know, these object and animal-shaped rubber bands were essential everyday wear. The more you had on your wrist, the cooler you were. Although they were fun to trade and collect, I firmly believe that their only purpose was to make sure that we looked absolutely ridiculous in every childhood photo that exists.

4. Japanese erasers

This fad was just plain cute. If you picked some up and put them in your pencil case, you were guaranteed to have a good year. Whether or not they actually worked as erasers is unclear as we were too afraid to ruin them, but they looked adorable sitting on our desks!

I don’t know about you but I definitely feel bad for kids these days. Nothing comes close to these amazing childhood fads we experienced. Sometimes I even wish we could turn back time to use these again!