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As we head into fall and winter here in Atlanta, we must be prepared for any kind of weather. It can easily be sunny and amazing one minute, and then rainy and dreary the next. Seeing as we have to be prepared for the rain, rain gear should be another extension of your style!

1. Umbrellas

There are loads of places to find cute umbrellas, ranging from Target to Kate Spade. I have found some adorable monogrammed umbrellas on Etsy that are great accessories for the rainy walk to class. You can get them embroidered with your monogram or even your sorority letters.

2. Rain Boots

Boots, wellies, galoshes, oh my! Whatever you call them, there are tons of stylish rain boots out there. Hunter is a very well known brand that makes rain boots in all shapes and styles.

3. Rain Jackets

Rain jackets are super easy to throw on over your outfit, and they are even better when they have a hood to protect your hair and face. The downside is your legs generally get wet, but jackets can still be super cute and versatile.

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