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The Quirkiest Clubs on Campus

Every now and then, we college students like to do something to make our future employers see the halo that shines around us. So, we join clubs on campus that really make our resumes stand out. But, for every resume-boosting club out there, there’s that club—the one we join entirely for ourselves, no matter how bizarre or eccentric that passion of ours may be. On that note, here is the list of Emory’s quirkiest clubs on campus!

1.  Goat Herding Club

Have you ever noticed the group of students wearing cloth headbands and loose linen garments walking their goats around campus? If yes, you may need to bring yourself over to Student Health for some help because The Goat Herding Club is really, just one massive joke. As it turns out, some freshmen thought it would be funny to create this club and list their friend’s details on the flyer. As if things couldn’t get crazy enough! The founders of this prestigious club actually received applications from students who were genuinely interested in joining! More information can be found in the Emory Wheel’s spotlight article. The club’s Facebook page here.


2. NERD Club

Picture this: students sitting in the common room, dressed in tights and superhero masks and capes, deeply invested in the ongoing game of dungeons and dragons. Does this appeal to you? Well then, the NERD Club is the club for you. NERD, or NPLusUltra Emory Roleplaying Dominion, is every nerd’s happy place. At NERD Club, your happy place is probably the same as the other members’ – be it Gotham City, The Shire, or Hogwarts. Nerd Club encourages you to embrace your inner nerdy self, and join your fellow nerds in their fantastical adventures! You can find more information on their Facebook page here.


3. Quidditch Club

I know what you’re thinking: it’s probably the NERD Club that created Quidditich Club. In all seriousness, Muggle Quidditich is nothing like ‘real’ wizard Quidditch. To catch the golden snitch, you have to catch the kid painted gold and pull the sock stuffed down the back of his shorts, weighed down by a tennis ball. Plus, you have to do all of this while running around with a broomstick sticking out between your legs. It takes a great deal of imagination to allow this absurd sight to seem like “the greatest sport in the world.” But hey, if you do have this imagination, then 10 points to Gryffindor, or whichever house it is that you belong to! Find more information on Emory’s fairly new Quidditch Club here.


4. Anime Club

Once a week, students assemble to enjoy two hours of Anime. So, essentially, when given the choice, these students choose to binge watch cartoons together, because nothing says bonding more than sitting together, and watching Yu Yu Hakusho or Dragon Ball Z. For more information, you can see their Facebook page here.


5. Archery Club

This one’s for all the Robin Hood’s and Katniss Everdeen’s out there. In the event that you’ve ever had the burning desire to save a village or volunteer as tribute in The Hunger Games, now’s your chance! Because mainstream sports like soccer, tennis, basketball are really just overrated. If it feels right, then maybe archery is the way for you to go!


6. Astronomy Club

Imagine this: around midnight, students lie down at the quad. For an hour straight, they just stare at the stars. Strangely, this sounds both a little cheesy and magical. In a direct quote from a member of the club, “Nobody even knows we exist.” All that star starring really does make them question their existence I suppose. Nevertheless, their frequent collaborations with the Fernbank Observatory are incredibly cool—students get to gaze into a telescope there absolutely free of charge! You can find more information through the Emory Physics Department here.

Just like any other community, our campus isn’t free of its quirks. These unusual clubs at Emory are just another reason to believe in the greatness and accepting nature of Emory University. Here at Emory, one can proudly join a club of their liking with no qualms at all. So, what are you waiting for? Lots of unique clubs await you!

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