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Pumpkin Spicing Up Your Dorm Room

Halloween is only a week away, and I’ll admit it hasn’t exactly felt like fall for the majority of the month. In attempt to get in the mood, I’ve gotten resourceful and transformed my dull room with a few cheap solutions. Life’s hard when you have to get spooky on a budget, so here are a few affordable ways to decorate your space for Halloween.

Order Some Decorations from Amazon Prime

Photo courtesy of amazon.com.

Photo courtesy of amazon.com.

Photo courtesy of amazon.com.

They’ll get here in time for Halloween, and they won’t break the bank!

Go to Dollar Tree

Photo courtesy of dollartree.com.

Photo courtesy of dollartree.com.

Everything’s a dollar, so go nuts! The closest one to campus is about 10 minutes away on the corner of North Druid Hill and Briarcliff.

Pick up some pumpkins from a local patch or farmer’s market

Photo courtesy of thereandbackagaintravel.com.

There are a variety of places to buy pumpkins around Emory, including local markets, schools, and churches that have their own pumpkin patches for fund raisers. If you can’t make it to those places, you can even find pumpkins at Kroger or Publix. 

If you’re not in the Halloween spirit yet, you definitely will be after making these easy purchases. While you may not be eligible for trick or treating anymore, you can still make the most of the Halloween by getting festive!

Gif courtesy of metro.co.uk.


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