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One of the greatest things about fall and winter is the fact that you have an excuse to buy all the coats and jackets you want. One of the types of jackets that really stand out, in my opinion, is the puffer jacket. A lot of people I know refrain from buying these jackets due to the fear of looking like a marshmallow, which is completely understandable. However, there are many puffer jackets out there that make a great style statement, go really well on top of whatever you want to wear, keep you warm, and definitely do not make you look like a marshmallow. Besides, who doesn’t want to wear something that is both functional and fashionable? Here are some puffer jackets that you should definitely take a look at!

1. This is from Macy’s. It’s got a great faux-fur hood—great for protecting you from the wind or rain with a lovely stylistic touch.

2. This is a simple puffer jacket from the Loft. It comes in different colors too!

3. A puffer vest from Kohl’s, guaranteed to keep you warm on those chilly fall mornings.

4. Again from Macy’s, this Tommy Hilfiger quilted puffer coat makes you look both smart and elegant.

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