Priyanka Krishnamurthy, Editor-in-Chief of The Emory Wheel

Meet the new Editor-in-Chief of the Emory Wheel, junior Priyanka Krishnamurthy! Every Tuesday and Friday a new copy of the Wheel is distributed in various places across campus, and this girl oversees it all. Aside from running the Wheel Priyanka enjoys, "drinking espresso, writing poetry, reading philosophy, and being an intersectional feminist." The Wheel, an integral part of the Emory community, is Emory's only student-run newspaper. I'm sure being the EIC of such a important facet of Emory takes a lot of hard-work, so read up on Priyanka and how you can get involved with the Wheel!
Her Campus Emory (HCE): How did you get involved with the Wheel?
Priyanka Krishnamurthy (PK): I started writing a fashion column for the Student Life section. I realized that the way I wrote focused way more on arguments, opinions as opposed to statements, observations. So I started writing for editorials - my first article arguing that PETA exploits women and why that is counterproductive for the ecofeminist movement. I was then brought up, after writing five articles, to be Asst. Editorials Editor, then eventually editorials editor. I have always had a passion for writing and using the press as a means to educate the general populous and the Wheel was the best medium to do so.
HCE: Do you feel a lot of pressure coming into such a big position?
PK: Absolutely. The pressure really comes from not wanting to let anyone down - particularly all of the writers, illustrators that spend their time writing and drawing for us. Additionally, I don't want to let my staff down - without them, the paper would cease to exist, and the amount of time and dedication they put into the Wheel is unimaginable. I just want to be the best leader and cater to any of their concerns as effectively as possible.
HCE: Do you plan on pursuing anything journalism-related in the future?
PK: I want to be an environmental lawyer, but I definitely want to continue writing op-eds for papers, etc. 
HCE: Any plans or future directions for the Wheel?
PK: A lot of the plans are internal ones but we are trying to branch out our topics for our staff editorials. I also want to launch a paper saving initiative where we estimate how many papers are picked up at hot spots on campus and print accordingly. I always see way too many papers being wasted, rotting in a corner. 
HCE: How can Emory students get involved with the Wheel?
PK: It's very easy! Pick up our paper, and go to the section you're interested in. The editors email will be on the top and all you have to do is reach out to them and show that you're interested. Or just email me!
It all starts with a keyboard.