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NYFW Inspired Beauty Looks: Spring/Summer 2014

Attention glamazons! The designers have spoken, and the beauty trends from this past week’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 runways are hot, simple, and begging to return to every girl’s beautification routine. Though the sartorial calendar always seems to be several miles ahead of us plebeians, these looks are easy and perfectly appropriate for the still-sweltering Atlanta heat. Per usual, different brands featured different trends, but in an effort to highlight trends that are accessible to every HerCampus girl, I’ve chosen to feature a few make-up, hair, and nail looks that stole hearts all over the concrete jungle just last week.   


Braids! They’re back! Seen everywhere from Nicole Miller to Kenneth Cole to Rachel Zoe, this devastatingly easy look is ready to make your life a whole lot easier. Models at Calla wore loose fishtails with fabrics woven in, while Tia Cibani sent her girls down in intricately plaited updos. My favorites were the beachy, just-decided-to-go-to-my-10-am-class braids at Rachel Zoe. Whichever way you take your braids, the key to cool (instead of prim and uptight) is texture: embrace the flyaways and loose layers. Also, second-day hair works best; this is lazy girl hair!


While fall shows primarily featured dark, moodier lips and eyes to complement the punk vibes, the spring/summer runways heralded fresh faces, soft pink or peach lips, and minimal contouring or definition. The Thakoon girl loaded up on the mascara, but kept the rest simple with a dewy complexion and subtle pink under gloss. Stash your purples and reds for the fall, because this is the season for pretty pastels!


Take a cue from Kate Spade and have some fun with your tips! Nail maven Deborah Lippman added strips of black and pink over a white base to create a subtle flash of intrigue. If you normally go for neutral shades, choose pastel accents like lavender or peach.


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