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There are a lot of benefits to having sorority recruitment in the spring. Not only do you get a chance to meet sisters in all of the sororities over the course of the Fall semester, but you can also get acclimated to campus before you go through the daunting experience of recruitment. Another added bonus on Emory’s campus is that we have Novemberfest. This day-long, mini-recruitment practice can be very helpful if you have any questions or anxieties about the process. Here are some tips and tricks for Novemberfest:

Keep an open mind.

It is important to go into each house with an open mind. You ultimately want to end up in the sorority that you will feel the most comfortable in, not a house where you have to pretend to be someone you’re not. The reputations of each sorority should not matter nearly as much as whether or not you click with the girls you’re talking to! After all, they are your potential sisters, and that commitment is lifelong. There are amazing girls in all of the sororities so go in ready to make some friends.

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It’s not a day for decisions.

Not only are the sororities not making decisions about you and whether or not you are a good fit for their sisterhood, but you also should not write a sorority off during Novemberfest. It is a practice run of recruitment, so it is meant to be just that. This is the perfect chance to experience recruitment without the pressure. So similar to my above point, go in with an open mind and leave with one too. Things can drastically change between November and January, so try not to get your heart set on one sorority or leave absolutely hating another. At this point all of them are still possibilities, and that’s exciting! Recognizing the pros and cons of each one is normal but remember that this should not be the day you decide which one you are hoping for – that makes for a very long winter break.

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Relax. Do not stress. Hakuna Matata.

Seriously, stop stressing. (Which is always easier said than done, I know.) But I am a firm believer that everything works out the way it is supposed to, even if it is not obvious in the moment, and that is the mindset with which you should go into Novemberfest (and Recruitment!). Especially because you do not have to make any decisions after and neither do the sororities, you should view Novemberfest as a low-key opportunity to learn more about Greek Life. There is no pressure, it is only practice. Ask questions, have unique conversations, discover new places to eat in Atlanta, etc., but do not worry. You are more likely to genuinely connect with the girls in the lodges if you are relaxed and being yourself. So just go have fun with it!

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Try it.

Who should do Novemberfest? Anyone and everyone, but especially those who are on the fence about Greek Life, who want to know more about the sororities on campus, and those who want to meet some cool upperclassmen! (Note: if you are sick, you are someone who should consider not coming. No one will penalize you if you need to skip and sleep because its better for everyone; we all want to be healthy heading into the second round of midterms!) Novemberfest clarified a lot of answers and concerns for me and I felt much more relaxed going into the actual recruitment process, so if you’re on the fence – definitely try it!

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Overall, this is an awesome opportunity, and if you can come, you should! You will know what to expect going into the Spring semester, you can clarify if Greek Life is something you are interested in, and you can start to meet some incredible women on Emory’s campus. So take a deep breath and get excited!

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