New York Ready to Wear Autumn 2016: Recap

If you missed it, New York Fashion Week was Februrary 10th-18th. Featuring big names like Michael Kors and Tory Burch as well as lesser known labels like Delpozo and Rosie Assoulin, NYFW was an odd conglomeration of fabrics, textures, and colors. This past fashion week was definitely unusual, and most people are uncertain of the future of consumer interest.

The new trend in runway fashion is “see now, buy now.” Consumers are now able to purchase the couture pieces and accessories right after viewing the show. No one is certain how this will affect the success of each brand. The fashion industry is shifting and there are many questions left unanswered. Diane Von Furstenberg switched up the typical runway show as an “experience,” where models roamed freely in a disco party on mini-sets. Perhaps DVF is transitioning into what future runway shows will be.

NYFW also demonstrated the power of the model. As Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid now appear in most shows, the social media traffic surrounding each designer had increased dramatically. The models are opening up their lives in the fashion world to their 50 million followers.

Here are 15 labels with my top pieces from each collection from NYFW. I’ve graded each designer on the cohesiveness and innovativeness in their show.


Tory Burch: A

Tory Burch​'s collection​ spectacularly resembled the streets of Paris in the 1970s. 

Jeremy Scott: A-

In one of his best shows to date, Jeremy Scott brilliantly highlighted commercial creations along with sculptural pieces as he tackled the Wild West. 


rag & bone: A

Outstanding effort by rag & bone in their latest collection, staying true to the label's original objective.


Vera Wang: B+

A traditional nod to crisp whites, Vera Wang solidly displayed her Autumn collection.


Michael Kors: A+

Michael Kors' new collection was a bit scattered and silly—in a good way. 


Tommy Hilfiger: C

Rewinding to the 1940s, Tommy Hilfiger hit us over the head with his cruise themed collection. 


The Row: B+

The Olsen twins kept it simple and focused on signature coats and fabrics for their latest collection. 


Altuzarra: B+

Joseph Altuzarra compiles a bunch of inspirations in his impressive collection.


Public School: B-

Dao-Yi Chao and Maxwell Osborne display an industrial, urban collection went a little too far with the grunge aspect. 


Ralph Lauren: B+

Ralph Lauren presented signature neutral cashmere in many of his looks.


Derek Lam: A-

“As always, Derek Lam’s customer came first.”—Business of Fashion


Delpozo: A

Josep Font constructed a beautiful, twisted collection for Delpozo.


Jason Wu: B+

There was a bit of ambiguity in Jason Wu’s collection featuring texture and darker tones.


Rosie Assoulin: A-

Rosie’s collection skillfully incorporated the full range of the color palette and highlighted the fluidity of her fabrics.