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Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major: Film and Media Management

Extracurriculars: AHANA Acapella


Her Campus Emory (HCE): What sparked your interest in film?

Matt (M): I’ve always been attracted to things that have an element of magic in them. Film is like that, in that it can be awe-inspiring. It can change the way people think, which I find really cool.

HCE: How do you find Atlanta, in comparision to Miami?

M: Atlanta is great! It has a much more mellow vibe than Miami. I like the diversity here more. You can find any type of person here. The weather is bi-polar though. 

HCE: Tell me more about your passion for music and art.

M: Music is my first love. I get so much out of it. It’s helped me to be more in touch with myself, and it’s put me in a great place in my life. I kinda just speak about the stuff that I see and experience. I’m kinda weird, so I’ve experienced some interesting things [laughs]. So many people are getting into my stuff, which is dope. I’m just taking it all in and riding the good vibes. I have a project coming out soon, called “Summer/Fall” that I’ve been putting my heart into. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

HCE: And your relationship status is…

M: Someone has my attention at the moment, but I don’t wanna give away more than that. 

HCE: Where is your favorite place to travel to?

M: Definitely the beach. I feel that’s such a stereotypical answer for a Miami dude, but oh well.

HCE: What type of woman are you into?

M: I’m into women who are creative, or women who appreciate creativity. I like fun and spontaneity, those are great qualities. I like a woman who has good energy, that’s what’s important to me. Oh, and I like it when a woman has a great sense of humor too, otherwise things can get dull. 

HCE: What’s your preferred venue for a first date?

M: A great concert, followed by great food. Perfection.

HCE: Favorite music?

M: I like any music really, as long as it is music that I feel. You can just feel when a song hits you. I could care less about the genre. 


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