Mary Levett, Head of Emory Miracle/Emory Dance Marathon

Interested in philanthropy? Love meeting and engaging with families and coming together for a great cause? Well then Emory Miracle is the place for you! Meet Mary Levett, Head of Emory Miracle and the Emory Dance Marathon. Read up on how you get involved in the organization and about attending the Emory Dance Marathon!!

Her Campus Emory (HCE): What is Emory Miracle?

Mary Levett (ML): Emory Miracle is Emory’s branch of the National Philanthropy, Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon organizations are present at high schools and universities all across the nation. The objective of Dance Marathon is to fundraise all year long and then celebrate the culmination of our efforts with a daylong dance “marathon”. All of our proceeds go to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Many people don’t realize that we have a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital right on our campus, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. In addition to fundraising, we engage with the children and families that we help at family events and hospital visits.

HCE: How did you become involved in Emory Miracle?

ML: Growing up, I was always aware of Dance Marathon. I have a few family friends who have personally benefited from the organization and I have seen the wonderful impact it can have on families in need. In high school, I led a Mini Dance Marathon and was eager to get involved when I realized Emory Miracle existed.



HCE: What is the purpose of Emory Dance Marathon?

ML: I think that Dance Marathon at Emory can serve several wonderful purposes:

First and foremost, we have the opportunity to fundraise and donate a huge amount of money to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Like many, I have been given countless blessings in life, for which I am grateful. As I grow older and busier however, I increasingly become caught up in my daily routine and take for granted the very things I should cherish the most, including my health. In the midst of my overwhelming college life, Emory Miracle's Dance Marathon has presented me with an opportunity to give thanks and give back.

Finally, Emory is often criticized for lacking school spirit. I believe our Dance Marathon on February 28th is a wonderful opportunity to bring together the Emory community for an incredible cause, and have a lot of fun in the process.

HCE: Any new exciting plans/events?

ML: Well since you asked…we will be having a date auction on Friday, February 20th, proceeds nights at Yogli Mogli and Tin Lizzy’s the week leading up to our event and we will also be selling Blue Donkey coffee at our Wonderful Wednesday table on February 25th! And then there is of course our Dance Marathon on Saturday, February 28th from noon-5pm in COX ballroom. You can like our Facebook page “Emory Miracle” to get more updates.

HCE: How can Emory Students join Emory Miracle?

ML: Students can get involved in a few ways:

We have an executive board, which will be looking for new members this spring.

We have a team of “Miracle Ambassadors”, which is a minimal time commitment opportunity to get involved

Anyone at all can register, fundraise for, and attend our event on February 28th! Its easy to register, just visit our DonorDrive page at