Lucy Wainger

Meet Lucy Wainger, an Emory sophomore whose poem was just selected for 'The Best American Poetry' Anthology! 

Name: Lucy Wainger

Year: Sophomore

Major: Creative Writing

Hometown: New York, New York

Extracurricular Activities: Lullwater Review, Narratives of Resistance (w/ Feminists in Action)


Tameka: Can you describe yourself in five words?

Lucy: Easily fooled, hard to surprise.


T: What sparked your interest in poetry?

L: Nothing in particular, at least not that I remember. Spark is a lot less important than sustenance.


T: Can you tell us a little bit about your poem, "Scheherazade."? How'd it feel to be selected for Best American Poetry?

L: One thing I like about my poem, and that I'm not sure is immediately obvious, is that it's recursive - the end is supposed to lead right back to the beginning: "[you] always pause just moments before he/ comes [...]" Upon noticing this, the other thing I like about my poem becomes quite obvious: it is a sex joke. Its being included in Best American Poetry felt good, though to be honest with you, actually writing the damn thing in the first place felt a lot better.

T: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

L: Hard to say given that I have absolutely no career plans whatsoever, but if I had to guess, teaching English in a New York City high school.


T: Any advice for aspiring writers?

L: Writing poems should feel better than getting them published.