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A Look into Emory Point’s Lizard Thicket

Every fashionista is always in search of their new store oasis, and with the semi-recent opening of the stores at Emory Point, shopping has never been made easier. With its convenient location and fashionable trends, every Emory girl will be sure to find a new must-have buy.

From cute and flirty apparel to accessories galore, Lizard Thicket can be your one-stop shop for almost any fashion need. Whether looking for the perfect graduation present for your departing senior friends, or the standout dress to wear for a graduation farewell, you can be sure to find exactly what you need.

As an aspiring fashionista myself, I decided to go on a small shopping adventure of my own. The store atmosphere is cute and charming, and the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. The dressing rooms are kept clean and the racks are kept in order. Best yet, the prices are affordable even on a college student’s budget!

Here’s a quick preview into some of the store’s offerings:

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