Life Hack: Your Complete Style Guide to Showerless Days

We as college women have a ton of things to get done in a day and never enough hours to do it, to say the least. 


If we’ve internalized any diagram seriously well during our time in college, it’s this one:

Balance is hard. However, even if we could figure out how to balance these three categories, this diagram is missing one key element: When do I have time to shower? We jump from classes to meals to extracurriculars to going out to bed. Admittedly a clean freak, I get anxious when I run out of time to shower every day. How do I avoid the shame of my bedhead?

About a year and a half into my college career, I finally think I’ve perfected the ok-so-I-need-a-shower-but-I-can-still-look-kinda-cute look. The following is a list of fool proof techniques to look somewhat socially acceptable when you haven’t showered in 24 hours:


  1. The “Messy Hair” Look

         Turn your unclean hair into a fashion statement. Try out a messy bun or a sloppy ponytail.

    2. Gym Clothes

        Convince everyone that you haven’t showered yet because you’re on your way to the gym (even if you’re not).

   3. Gym Clothes: Second Edition

        Convince everyone that you actually just came from the gym (and that’s why you look so bad).

   4. The My-Hair-Is-Gross-But-My-Outfit-Is-Great Approach

        Wear a really cute outfit to draw attention away from how bad your hair looks.

   5. Baseball Hat

      The holy grail of bad hair days! Throw on a hat to cover up your hair.

   6. Hat, Sunglasses, Hoodie, Jacket with Hood

       Wear sunglasses and a hat, and a sweatshirt with the hood over the hatm and a jacket with a hood over the sweatshirt. Hope that you’re incognito enough that no one will recognize you.

   7. Hide in the Stacks

       Okay, so not exactly style advice, but nonetheless very effective. Just don’t interact with any human beings. Go to the top floors of the library and stay there.

  8. Plastic Surgery

      Reconstruct your entire face and body so no one realizes it’s you with the bad hair.

Though some options on the list may be easier than others, I hope at least a couple of these suggestions work for you!

AND ONE LAST THING: This article does not condone bad hygiene. Please stay clean, ladies.