Kennede Miller: STEER Team

Name: Kennede Miller

Year: Junior

Major: Economics 

Extracurricular Activities:  STEER Team, Dooley After Dark, Emory Club Golf, Delta Delta Delta 


Tameka: What is STEER? What is its goal? 

Kennede: The STEER Team is a group of student leaders on campus who serve as leadership consultants in the Student Involvement, Leadership and Transitions office. All of the members of STEER Team have extensive experience in student organization development, growth and programming. The goal of STEER is to support the Emory community by facilitating training workshops for student organizations and groups on a variety of topics. The team also assists with new student organizations presidents training, ongoing student organization consultations and event planning.


T: How did you get involved and why? 

K: I got involved in STEER Team at the end of my freshman year because I was looking for an opportunity on campus to expand my leadership skills. I also wanted to become more involved in activities outside of sports and serve as a valuable resource for my peers and student organizations on campus, and STEER Team provided me the perfect opportunity for that. 



T: What have been your favorite events/organizations to work with?

K: I really enjoy working with all the organizations on campus and helping them in anyway I can, but this year I have mostly enjoyed facilitating our new late night programming series, Dooley After Dark. Dooley After Dark was started this semester to provide students with fun activities to participate in on the weekends and various weekdays throughout the month. We have held Talent Tuesdays, Thursday Game Nights, Friday Night Movies and also Special Event Saturdays that have included such themes such as Casino Night and Wizarding World of Emory. Dooley After Dark has really taken off this semester and I am excited to see how we can expand its presence on campus in the future. 


T: How can students get involved? 

K: There are hundreds of organizations on campus that students can get involved in. I encourage students to scroll though OrgSync and find organizations that suit their interests. Also, there is a member of STEER Team in the Student Involvement, Leadership and Transitions office located in the DUC E340 Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm, who would love to help students get involved and answer any questions they may have.