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Josh & Shea: TableTalk and CampusCouches

Josh Patashnik

  • Extracurricular Activities: TableTalk Co-President, WMRE Programming Director

Shea Fallick

  • Extracurricular Activities: CampusCouches President, WMRE DJ


Tameka: What is CampusCouches?

* CampusCouches, a TableTalk campaign, sets up sofas at various locations around Emory’s campus and invites passersby to spend time on the furniture and engage with each other in conversation. Talks can range from no purpose at all to discussions surrounding a variety of topics such as sustainability, the arts, mental health, or body image. We love to partner with campus organizations for our various talks and encourage anyone and everyone to come join.

T: How did you get involved in CampusCouches?

* We always noticed a divide between distinct groups at Emory. People’s social lives are regularly determined by their freshman hall, Greek organization, religious affiliation, and hometown. We wanted to get involved with TableTalk and CampusCouches because it gives students the opportunity to meet others they wouldn’t ordinarily interact with and creates a platform of conversation for anyone who wants to participate.

T: What is Couchella, what can people expect from the event?

* Couchella is a music and arts festival hosted by TableTalk, The Pulse, and SPC. Fill up on some free food at Taste of Emory and head over to Asbury circle featuring amazing performances, great artwork, giant beach balls, bubbles, and dope festival vibes. This year’s event will also feature a fundraiser and awareness campaign for the arts at Emory. All proceeds will go towards boosting the photography program in the Film and Media Studies Department.

T: How do you join CampusCouches?

* We’re recruiting formally next Fall! Look out for us at the Student Activities Fair. We’re really looking forward to expanding our team next semester. In the mean time, make sure to catch us at Couchella and make sure to show support for the arts at Emory.


Couchella 2017 Event

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