Jordana ('18) & Peter ('19): From Oxford to Emory

Meet Jordana & Peter, Emory's first Campus Profile couple! Their relationship has travelled 35 miles from Emory's Oxford campus onto main campus. Check out below to here more about what they love about their relationship.

Tameka: Let's go through some of the basics. What are your majors?

Jordana: Linguistics and Psychology 

Peter: Pre-Business 


Tameka: What are some things you guys are involved in on and off campus?

Jordana: I'm an intern at the Marcus Autism Center, the Co-Chair for the American Enterprise at Emory, and I'm in the sorority Pi Beta Phi.

Peter: At Oxford, I'm the President of Asset Management and the Vice President of the Jewish Student Union. At Emory, I'm an Executive Member for the American Enterprise at Emory and I'm currently a pledge in a fraternity. 


Tameka: So how did you guys meet?

Jordana & Peter: While we were both still at Oxford, we me through some of our mutual friends.


Tameka: What's your favorite thing about each other?

Jordana: I love that he's so outgoing and personable, because I can be kind of shy. I just like being around someone who makes me feel so comfortable in all situations; I think it makes me a better person. 

Peter: I like her smile and her sense of humor. I always have so much fun when I'm with her. 



Tameka: What is your biggest pet peeve about each other?

Jordana: He always manages to stay calm when I try to have heated political debates with him. He also never lets me listen to Country music when I'm with him.

Peter: I hate when she makes me listen to Country music. I always try to be subtle and change it when she's not paying attention.


Tameka: What are some things you like doing together?

Jordana: I've finally gotten him to watch the Bachelor with me. Don't worry, he's Team Luke.

Peter: I like when she surprises me, especially when they're concert tickets. Last week she surprised me with tickets to Kanye for my birthday. 


Tameka: Who is your favorite third wheel?

Jordana: Aram Kaplanian.

Peter: Emily Gass