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JBieb’s Guide to the ATL

Belieb it or not, but Justin Bieber is allegedly Atlanta bound. Fresh off some controversy, Justin is looking for a fresh start, and he’s looking directly at you, Buckhead. If this move does come true, here’s a list of places Justin can rely on on this side of the Mississippi.

Lullwater Park: With a chance for fitness and reflection, Lullwater can be Justin’s new Equinox gym. Laps around Wagner’s house can give JB the chance to keep up his physique and have reflection time for his past decisions. Bonus points: paparazzi would likely get lost on the different paths. 

Yogurt Tap: Coming from the big city, Bieber has likely developed quite the palate. Yogurt Tap, the immediate people pleaser, is sure to make Justin one less hungry boy. With the natural ingredients and expensive price, the Tap will definitely remind Justin of the comforts of Calabasas.

Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill: Spoiled by the City of Angels’ swanky club scene, Justin will have to lower his standards when it comes to his nights out in the A-town. How low? Maggie’s low. A staple for Emory students, Justin’s tenure in Atlanta would not be complete without a night with Mason. Never say never to shopping center bars.

Murphy’s: Finally, with every Maggie’s experience comes the post-Maggie’s experience. Justin can jumpstart his day the delicious way at the fan-favorite Murphy’s. From Belgium waffles to frittatas, Bieber can recharge for a productive day at the recording studio (or library).

If you do make it here, Justin, and need someone to show you around, I’ll be awaiting your call. 

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