Izzy Kornman: Director of Special Programs for TEDxEmory

Name: Izzy Kornman

Major: Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies 

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Extracurricular Activities: TEDxEmory, College Council, Hillel, Emory Students for Israel

Greek Affiliation: Pi Beta Phi

Relationship Status: Single


Tameka: Can you tell me about what TEDxEmory is and how it got started on campus?

Izzy: TEDxEmory is an independent TED organization (like TED talks) that puts on events in the theme of "Ideas Worth Spreading." TEDxEmory started on Emory's campus 7 years ago when a dedicated and incredibly hardworking group of students decided to plan and execute the very first TEDxEmory conference.


T: What made both of you want to join TEDxEmory?

I: I, like everyone else who was a trendy nerd in high school, LOVED TED talks. I think they are an amazing way to learn something new in a quick and succinct way. When I learned about TEDxEmory at the student activities fair, I definitely wanted to get involved. There are so many interesting people on Emory's campus with ideas to spread and I wanted to help organize events for students, faculty, and outsiders to speak on campus. Hillary and I both organized TED-type events in high school, so it has been amazing to be part of this organization at Emory.


T: Can you tell me about TEDxYouth @ Emory and the different events/topics surrounding it?

I: TEDxYouth is a brand new event from TED headquarters focused on youth and the idea of "what now?" We, as millennials and college students, are inheriting a set of circumstances and ideas that we may or may not agree with, and this is an opportunity for young voices to be heard and inspire others. TEDxYouth @ Emory will feature five unique events that cover the topics of climate change, arts, social justice, and mental health. Check out the flyer for more details!



T: What has been your favorite part of TEDxEmory so far?

I: My favorite part of TEDxEmory has been making new events and working with multiple different organizations on campus. In my time on TEDxEmory, we have worked with ATO, AEPi, Emory Climate Organization, Freedom at Emory, and many more. 


T: What are your hopes for the future of the organization on campus?

I: I hope that TEDxEmory will continue to host and organize events that inspire the student body and highlight all of the amazing people on our campus.